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Hello, I'm

John Reed.

I'm a lifelong Democrat and ​I’m ready to get to work for ​you, District 19, and Nashville.

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Meet John Reed

John Reed is a proud resident of Nashville and as the founder of a growing small business, John ​is committed to keeping Nashville a great community for your family.

John has been heavily involved in both local, state, and national politics for over a decade. He got ​his start working with Howard Gentry's Nashville Mayoral Campaign in 2015 and has since then ​expanded his involvement in Tennessee politics.

Working with the Tennessee Democratic Party was just the start. John has always had a love for ​local, state, and federal politics. He is a graduate of the University of Tennessee at Martin. He ​graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Political Science and a Minor in History.

He wants to continue the work of great Tennessee Democrats before him and fight to make sure ​everyone has a seat at the table.

Over the past ten years, we have seen Nashville explode with development and growth. John ​believes it’s time we focus on our neighbors and our communities. As Democrats, we must ​continue the fight to secure more investments in every neighborhood, from infrastructure to ​community services and more.

John is proud to serve District 19 as your Davidson County Democratic Executive Committeeman!

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The Issues

Reproductive Justice

I believe all people have the right to make their ​own choices about their bodies. We must fight ​back until the Dobbs decision is overturned ​and the right to bodily autonomy is restored. I ​am a proud ally in this fight and will work to ​make Nashville safe for our reproductive rights.

Support Our K-12 Schools

As the son of a public school teacher, I ​understand firsthand the value and impact ​that teachers have on our children. Prioritizing ​investment in our education system with the ​resources and tools it needs to support our ​students, no matter where they live, is essential ​to creating a successful Nashville.

Keep Nashville Affordable

Keeping Nashville affordable is critical to its ​success. As Nashville grows, we must renew ​our focus on neighborhoods and ensure that ​long-time residents are not pushed out of our ​city. Increasing access to affordable housing ​must be a priority.

Defend Democratic ​Institutions

Officials at the state and federal level have ​repeatedly made attacks on our ​democracy. I will always fight to protect ​your vote and stand up to efforts to erode ​our democratic institutions.

Defend LGBTQIA+ Rights

As a member of the LGBTQIA+ community ​myself, I will always be a vocal leader for ​supporting the LGBTQIA+ community and ​doing all I can to ensure that Nashville ​continues to be a safe, welcoming place where ​ALL people can thrive.

Protect Our Green Spaces

Our community and Nashville as a whole is ​home to many beautiful parks and natural ​areas. I believe every person deserves to live ​no further than a 15-minute walk from a park or ​recreation area. We must protect green ​spaces, so our community can continue to ​enjoy them with our family, friends, and pets.

Connect Our Neighborhoods

A healthy neighborhood is a walkable ​neighborhood. A healthy city is a connected ​city. We have to see an expansion of sidewalk, ​biking, and transit projects in Nashville so that ​Nashvillians can efficiently and equitably ​commute to and from work, and enjoy our city.

Uplifting Small Businesses

We should now focus on balancing the scale ​from mostly attracting business to downtown, ​to supporting, attracting, and incentivizing ​small businesses to grow in communities ​across southeast Nashville. As a small business ​owner, myself, I will be a strong ally to increase ​entrepreneurship across our community.

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